Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

On the animals' terms!

Go on safari at Eriksberg in Blekinge and see wild animals in their proper environment. Red deer, fallow deer, Père David's deer, European bison, wild boar and moufflon freely roam around in this unique nature reserve in the archipelago. The tour goes through a fascinating rocky landscape of oak woodlands, dense hornbeam woodlands and knotty conifers. There is a rich bird life here, and one of the world’s largest stocks of the protected red water lily.

Eriksberg was purchased in 1938 by the well known naturefilm maker and writer Bengt Berg. The area was fenced in as a result of his experiments with deer. The farm environment at Eriksberg is also unique. There are buildings here from five centuries. Among other facilities, they accommodate a restaurant and café with sales of the farm’s game products and exhibition space and hotel. Children’s Eriksberg is located at the farm.

At nine square kilometres, Eriksberg is today one of northern Europe’s largest protected areas for wildlife.

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